How to order

Order Process

1.Click on the doll you like, click on “ADD TO CART” or “BUY NOW”. Please select the information you want, if you don't select you will see the following red box.

2.At the top you will see “Customer Information”. If you have already have an account please enter the email directly. If you not have an account, please click Login.

After clicking Login, the Sign In page will pop up.

The most important thing you must make sure your Shipping Information is correctly. After you finish, please click Save.

3.It is worth noting that Insurance here, we will check that your doll is in good condition before shipment, and will let you confirm by mail that we will ship. However, there are many factors of force majeure in the transportation process. We have no way to control it. If you want to give your doll a guarantee, please tick here. 

Payment Method

PayPal (Via PayPal / Visa / Master / Card, etc.)
5% transaction fee. (Our PayPal:
On our site, place an order. Then pay for it by PayPal. Actually paying by PayPal means paying by bank card (Visa / Master / Card, etc.), even if you don't have a PayPal account. 
②Card (Via email’s pay link.)
3% transaction fee. 
Tell us your addressphone numberemail and name. Then we will make an order for you, and you can pay it by Card in email (pay link).

If you want to receive your girl earlier, you can also choose Expedited Shipping to in the Customer & Tax.

4.Finally, confirm that your order is consistent. If it is consistent, you can click to Place Your Order. If you have any questions about your order, you can contact us by email at the first time. If you have any notes, you can write a request that agree with the seller.

This is the order process

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