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∨ About Us

◆ Why should I trust you?
Our company is a doll manufacturing factory with a history of ten years. We have produced dolls from 2009 to the present. We focus on the experience of each user, understand the feelings of each user, provide multiple types of dolls and the right price for customers with different needs. Many stores will tell you that they have physical stores in the local area, but they don't. They are very likely to deceive you. We mainly do online stores. If you want to know about our factories and companies, you are always welcome to visit. You can also contact us via online chat or send us an email. We can solve all your questions about the product, so that you can easily order with us. 

More details, please click on our Purchase Guarantee page:Purchase Guarantee

∨ About Dolls

◆ Is it legal to buy and use sex dolls?
You know that sex dolls have been around for a long time, but there are still many customers who are ashamed when they contact us or want to know about sex dolls, as if sex dolls are a taboo topic or illegal. But the reality is that sex dolls have been very popular lately and are even more common in modern society. Especially now, sex doll manufacturers are developing surreal dolls, and in the future we will see life-like dolls with artificial intelligence that give them more human-like feelings. Experts believe that with robots, virtual reality and computing will let love dolls think and play humans, and the relationship with sex dolls or dolls will become more common in the next few years.

If we look at international news or check out this topic on Google, you can find a lot of articles about how men have a special relationship with sex dolls. The reality is that sex dolls can bring many advantage to single men and women and even couples. Many women buy sex dolls for photography, decoration or styling, and many customers who are keen on role-playing will buy back to dress up sex dolls and wear special clothes to play some special roles. Even some customers have partners, but they also use sex dolls as a way of experimenting fantasy, and will not hurt their other half. We have seen couples use realistic silicone sex dolls or dolls to flavor their marriage. So having a sex doll is completely normal.

Your first doll experience will be unique, and that doll will always be there for you. She will never leave you, will never betray you, you are her only master, she will always be loyal to you. She can also help you achieve the sex adventure you've always dreamed of.

At TopLoveDolls, we advocate the use of real sex dolls, and we hope to bring you the best TPE and silicone dolls to make your dreams come true. If you are looking for a real love doll, please contact us, we are your dreamer. If you can't find what you want, let us know and we will help you find the dream doll.

◆ Where is my doll coming from?
As mentioned above, our company is a Chinese factory with ten years of manufacturing experience. All TPE dolls are produced in China and then imported into various countries. This ensures that we can rigorously monitor each production process, ensure quality of the dolls through quality control checks, and ensure that all customs fees are paid. At the same time, we can provide you with the best dolls at the best price.

◆ What’s the material of my dolls ?
Your doll are made of high standard elastic property TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which is safe, and has the highest tear resistance, but also environmentally friendly. The skeleton inside is made of stainless steel. 

◆ What is the difference between silicone and TPE materials?
Both materials are great and feel like leather. TPE is becoming more and more popular because it is easier to carve and sex doll sculptors create a truly sexy and realistic model. Silicones are generally considered to be more durable materials, and TPE is the most realistic.
The following are the main attributes of each material.

Silicone dolls TPE dolls
●A bit harder than TPE but also more durable.
●More expensive.
●Easier to clean.
●Safe for human contact.
●TPE is softer to the touch.
●More realistic ‘jiggling’ of body parts (breasts, ass, etc).
●The material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints.
●Good heat retention.
●Less expensive.
●Safe for human contact.
●More care is required to clean and care for it properly.


◆ What is the difference between a removable vagina and a built-in/fixed vagina?
The built-in or fixed vagina is like the picture on the website. The vagina is built into the doll, just like a real woman. The movable vagina is a sleeve or fleshlight-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the body of the doll. The tube is fixed by the labia of the penis.

Which is better? Most of our customers prefer the built-in vagina because it provides the most authentic experience, just like making love with real women. But the detachable vagina is easier to clean and replace. If you value complete realism, you will want to get the built-in vagina, if you want something that is easy to pop and easier to clean after use, then you should consider the movable vagina.

◆ What should I pay attention to when using a heating rod?
When heating the doll's vagina with a heating rod, in order to protect the doll's vagina, use it 3 to 5 minutes after heating.

◆ How close to picture look like will the dolls I receive?
We can make dolls that are similar to the images we show. At the end of production, we will send you a real shot and video of the dolls from the factory. You can check to see if it meets your expectations and we will ship it after you have confirmed it. Please note that clothes are not included as they are for display only. You will get a nude doll, but at the same time we will also give a delicate bikini to the customer.

◆ How much weight can the doll support?
The doll can safely support more than 400 pounds (about 181 kg).

◆ Can a doll support enough "doggy" style?
Yes, it can! But don't do it on a hard surface like the ground. Only work on a soft bed, and use your pillow and pillow to pad your elbows and knees. This is to prevent her elbows and knees from being hurt and torn.
You need to use support to help weight distribution of doggy style. We recommend supporting the upper body of the doll with a pillow to ensure that it is maintained during use. Dog-style posture can also be achieved by placing the doll on a table or sofa.

◆ Can I spray perfume for my doll?
Some perfumes may contain alcohol that can damage the skin, so we recommend spraying them in hidden areas (such as underarms) or avoiding alcohol-containing perfumes.

◆ Can the doll get into the water?
The doll can bathe, you can also put the doll into the water, but don't put the doll's neck and all the doll heads into the water. Do not put metal parts in the water.

◆ Can I use cosmetics for my doll?
If you plan to use cosmetics to change the look of your doll, we recommend that you choose a "natural" color when you choose. Liquid eyeliner and powder cosmetics (blush, eye shadow, foundation, etc.) work well on the doll. However, cream/oily cosmetics (such as liquid foundations) do not disperse well on the skin. Eyebrow pencils and lipsticks can be used reasonably, and these cosmetics are easy to wipe off. Otherwise, your doll can be cleaned with regular cosmetic removers and/or mild detergents. Avoid overly greasy removers because they are difficult to remove from the skin.

◆ Can I use a doll or doll accessory without a lubricant?
For your love and best to maintain your love doll, you should always use a lot of water-based lubricants and only use water-based lubricants.

◆ Can I give my doll a dress I like?
Yes, you can wear your favorite clothes for your doll. However, we recommend that if you are wearing a doll, please avoid wearing denim and other thick clothes or corsets and clothes that are easy to fade. Tight or heavy clothes will leave marks on the skin, and will become permanent after a while. If you want to wear jeans on your doll, we recommend placing the pantyhose on top so that the denim will slide over the skin. Buttons, ties, snaps or zipper shirts are easier to put on dolls than tops such as T-shirts or pullovers. When wearing a jacket or a part of clothing, if the clothes are too tight or the doll is inconvenient, you can remove the head before dressing.

◆ Free gifts, really?
Of course! We will provide a wig, a sexy bikini, a USB heater, a comb, a set of cleaning tools and a blanket. These are free!

More details, please click on our Dolls Use & Maintenance page:Dolls Use & Maintenance

∨ About Order

◆ How can I buy sex dolls on this website? Do I need to register?
It is to protect the security of your information. You must be registered as a member before ordering. All data is encrypted. More secure than not registering. 

◆ What is the "Standing Feet" option?
Most TPE dolls have an option called "Standing Feet." It adds three screws that extend from the foot plate through the sole of the foot. The screws are easily noticed and considered to be hard point reinforcement so the weight of the stand does not cause the delicate skin to be squeezed, cut or otherwise damaged. However, these areas are prone to severe localized skin tears due to the protruding screws from the skin.

It is not entirely recommended that any doll be "free standing". This is because the design of the foot does not maintain its weight like a real human foot. The doll has a small plate and an ankle joint. The rest is just covered by TPE material, although it is very soft, but it is also very fragile and easily damaged. Socks and shoes may help strengthen the area, but usually only hide the damage before she undresses. Knees, hands and elbows have similar features that are susceptible to damage when the doll position is incorrectly supported.

In short, never rely on your doll to stand and support your weight. Always use some kind of support to distribute weight and stabilize. Or, use a special doll/manikin clamp or bracket.

More details, please click on our Order Process:Order Process

∨ About Payment

◆ Is the payment safe?
Security is one of the core values of our email. To ensure that our website is SSL encrypted, our backend system is protected by Shopify. We use Shopify Secured and PayPal to ensure your privacy and security. With all of these systems, we make sure you and us are safe.

Payments are protected by our Customer Privacy Policy, we do not store your credit card information, we use PayPal to guarantee and protect your credit card information and payments (no PayPal account is required, you can use debit and credit card payments).

◆ What payment methods are supported?
For more details, please click on our Payment Method:Payment Method

◆ Will toplovedolls.com shown on my Card statement or bank account?
There is no mention that our website will be displayed in your statement, only our company name and will no mention of sex dolls or any adult toys or services.

◆ Can I buy my doll in installments?
You can pay by credit card about your favorite doll. Then, according to your own needs, installment payment to the credit card company. 

◆ If I don't want a doll after payment?
If there is no confirmation within 3 days, we will arrange shipment by default. No refund is allowed once shipment is made on all orders. 
If doll has been shipped to the designated address, but nobody receive it. The resulting refund or doll is destroyed without any refund. 
In the rush hour of logistics, the clearance of European and Canada may take some time. Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Due to whatever reason, if you cancel the order before production (within 2 hours after the order), charge 10% of the cost. Cancel the order before shipment (including production process), charge 60% of the cost. Once it’s shipped, the order cannot be canceled or returned since it is a customized product. 

More details, please click on our Payment Method page:Payment Method

∨ About Transport

◆ Free shipping,really?
Of course, we offer free shipping worldwide. For more details, please click on our Shipping Information:Transport Information

◆ What are the countries that are free to transport?
(Shipping by UPS/FedEx/DHL/Other logistics. Door to door service, you just need to receive sex dolls. We will deal with shipping, customs clearance, customs tax and all other fees. We provide tracking numbers worldwide. See the following sections for more information on shipping.)

① North AmericnUSA, Canada, Mexico.
② Europe: Germany, Britain(UK), France, Italy, Poland, Czech, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Holland, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Monaco, Austria, Sweden, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece. Wax, Ireland, Portugal, Russia, etc.
③ AsiaJapan, Malaysia, China
④ OceaniaAustralia, New Zealand.
⑤ South America, Africa, Asia, Islamic countries, Muslim countries: We can send dolls by UPS or FedEx, but customs and tax should be handled by yourself. 
(In Mexico, Switzerland, New Zealand, we will deal with customs, but tax should be handled by yourself.)

For more details, please click on our Free Shipping Country:Free Shipping Country

◆ How long does it take to produce my doll?
We will arrange production after receiving your full payment. All our dolls are handmade. The production time is about 3-5 days. If the spot dolls are ready to be shipped, we will generally follow the customer's needs. Reproduction, to achieve "one-on-one service."

◆How long does it take to transport?
Once shipped, your doll will arrive within 7-14 days, depending on how long it takes to get through customs. There may be delays in the peak logistics period, please understand.

◆ How long will it take for my doll to arrive?
Usually after the order is accepted and the payment is accepted, we will process the order within 24 hours and then we will make the doll within 3-5 days. We will send the doll to you for confirmation after the production is completed. After the confirmation is completed, we will deliver the confidential delivery, and the buyer can usually receive the doll within 7-14 days.
In short, anywhere between 7 and 14 days is the normal time for doll delivery. In some cases, there may be delays in logistics, possibly in bad weather, and logistics. But we will update the logistics status in the whole process.

◆ Is the doll a secret package?
Absolutely, the doll package does not recognize the content. In order to facilitate customs clearance, we will write "mannequins" on it, but it will never reveal any privacy.The doll is wrapped in an ordinary brown box. The size of the box depends on the size of the doll you ordered, but it is usually about 150 cm high, 42 cm wide and 28 cm deep.

◆ If I don't want others to know that I bought a doll or I don't want receive the doll at home? 
Your privacy is our main goal. All packaging is delivered in a prudent package; in addition, customer details are also in our Privacy Policy.
There are no clear instructions on the box or the label shows the internal content.

Your doll will be marked as a "human body model" (for custom clearing).

Simply tell us the address or any other location or FedEx / UPS store, where we will ship the goods, and you can pick up the goods there at your convenience.
If you do not want to receive your doll at home, we can send it from your address to the nearest FedEx or UPS pick-up point. Or, when the goods land in your country, the courier will call you to let them know that you are more willing to pick up the goods yourself, and then they will ship the goods to the nearest pick-up point.

◆ Do I need to handle customs clearance myself?
No, we will handle the customs clearance directly for you. You just have to wait for your doll at home to be delivered to your door. However, it is worth reminding that we will handle the customs clearance procedures, but the cost of customs clearance is paid by the customer (about $50). Because our dolls are sold to customers at the best price, so we make a profit is not high, so the customs clearance costs are from the customer, please understand.

For more details, please click on our Transport Information page:Transport Information

∨ About Customization

◆ Can I customize the doll I want?
Of course, browse our sex doll details page and you will find many options, including hair, eyes, skin color, nail color, with or without pubic hair, vaginal type, standing and more. We even have mini dolls and obese dolls to choose from. 

Whether it is a small chest, big breast or maga chest, European or American or Asian style, skin white skin and black skin, height 100cm-170cm, blond red hair purple hair gray hair. As long as you like, we can even give you colorful hair. Only you can't think of it, there is nothing we can't do!

◆ Can I send you a picture to tell you the doll I like that you customize it for me?
Of course! We can also build your own doll. Send us an email with a picture and instructions, and we will evaluate your model and provide a proposal.

◆ Can you change the size of the doll's breast?
The doll mold is fixed and the size of the doll's breast cannot be changed.

∨ About Repair & Refund

◆ How to deal with wrinkles on the doll?
If the joint of the doll remains curved for a long time, creases and wrinkles may appear on the surface due to improper placement and prolonged stress. For example, if you sit on a chair for a long time, there will be a horizontal line on the abdomen. You can cover the affected area for 10 minutes with a hot towel below 60 degrees. Keep your posture as you leave the factory, reduce the strength of all joints and let it stay for a while, creases and wrinkles will diminish and disappear.

◆ How to deal with scratches, pokes or cuts?
Please use TPE glue to seal. Make sure the skin is not stretched or stressed during the curing process. The glue takes about 30 minutes to cure.

◆ How about the warrany?
We will confirm the product carefully with you before shipment. Due to the nature of products and the variety of uses, it is not possible for us to provide an exchange or refund as there are multiple concerns such as hygiene. Please understand that this is the normal practice within the sex dolls industry. 

If your product or any part is damaged during shipping, please send photos to our email (info@toplovedolls.com) and we will assess the issue in order to provide the better solution (a replacement for that product or part damaged, a fixing solution or discount, it will depend on the nature of the incident.) 

We believe all our products are of high quality. If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction please feel free to contact us so we can do our utmost to provide any suggestions or tips that may be able to resolve the issue. We appreciate any feedback as well as it can help us and our other customers to avoid a repeat of these issues in the future.

◆ Can I return or refund if I am not satisfied with the doll during use?
Customer service is very important to us. If you receive your doll and have seen it defective before it is used (product or any part is damaged during shipment), please send the photo to our email address within 24 hours (info@toplovedolls.com), we will evaluate the problem to provide a better solution (replace the product or component damage, fix the solution or discount, depending on the nature of the event.)

If you destroy the doll after use or deliberately destroy the doll, we can't offer a replacement or refund because there are many problems, such as hygiene. Please understand that this is the usual practice in the sex doll industry. But you can contact us by email or online, we will provide you with a repair plan that will teach you how to fix it. For details on use and maintenance, please see: Dolls Use & Maintenance

We will confirm the product carefully with you before delivery, we believe that all our products are of high quality. If you have any complaints or complaints, please feel free to contact us so that we can do our best to provide any suggestions or tips that may resolve the issue.

◆ I have other questions. How can I contact you?
Please contact our Customer Service Department at info@toplovedolls.com. You can also use our online chat support. Your email will usually be answered within 24 hours.
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